ForestBased Solutions

Creating Certainty in the Market Place

ForestBased Solutions advisory and supply management services are provided through integrated services in the following areas of expertise:

Due Diligence Systems Development

Policy Development and Implementation

Commercializing Forest Assets

Wood ID Testing services

Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement        

Sourcing Legal Forest Products

Navigating Certification and Assurance Systems - Instituting Step-wise Approaches

Communicating Policy with Stakeholders   
Trainings for Staff, Suppliers and Producers 

Market Access and Enterprise Investments          

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ForestBased Solutions provides custom advisory services to a range of businesses, non-governmental organizations and government bodies in order to effectively:

  • Reduce risk and increase return on investment through proactive supply chain management;
  • Develop a competitive advantage and new market opportunities;
  • Integrate sustainability strategies into internal and external business practices;
  • Increase capacity for effective internal systems that can be audited;
  • Complete due diligence on supply chains and product lines through solutions that create certainty.

In response to growing international forest and forest product regulatory requirements - ForestBased Solutions developed the Forest-Source program which provides a digital mobile platform to provide comprehensive sourcing, legality verification and data management strategies.

Forest-Source is a comprehensive forest product compliance and verification service and mobile application. We digitize the complete supply chain from tree to finished products.

This service incorporates regional risk assessment, direct supplier producer site visits, country of origin forest governance frameworks for verification of legality of product and timber sources. We offer a range of access tools to confirm your forest product sources.

builds Audit Ready systems necessary to complete audits and maintain records for Forest Management or Chain of Custody certification. We provide a complete assessment of all aspects of our clients supply chain in order to address gaps and develop the systems to be audit ready.

Our mobile platform and audit ready systems provide a process to manage data from suppliers, official documents, evidence of due diligence to POs and invoicing.

Forest-Source allows your business to identify risk in your supply chain and provides tools for working directly with suppliers to manage data and due diligence requirements. We have extensive experience building comprehensive due diligence systems and helping companies identify sources that are implementing effective forest and supply chain management controls in addition to certification schemes such as FSC and PEFC. Our expertise provides endusers, suppliers and producers a comprehensive understanding of key Lacey Act and EUTR compliance requirements.

Sustainable forest management through innovative solutions

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