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ForestBased Solutions = Global Experience and Certainty

ForestBased Solutions

Creating Certainty in the Market Place

We provide a return on investment:

ForestBased Solutions, LLC views risk management as a competitive advantage and need for return on investment. Our role is to help businesses navigate sustainability and risk management issues in their supply chains. We design systematic strategies to prioritize these issues, implement policy and realize its relationship to economic success. We align these business and organizational values to a commitment to responsible forest product procurement practices and working with forest dependent communities.

We provide systems for:
Tracking forest products through our digital modules and insitu expertise for completing Lacey Act, EUTR, Due Diligence for forest product producers and manufacturers in Asia, Africa, South and Central America and in the US and Europe.

We understand how to: Source and develop business relationships in high risk areas; Move producers and supply chains into stepwise approaches and certification; Invest in enterprises that will benefit local people; Communicate technical issues of resource management; Implement systems that are cost effective and are implemented in a practical time frame.

We engage at all levels of the supply chain:

Our key goal is to build the systems for sustainable supply chain engagement from producer to the showroom floor.

We build your capacity through our:
Extensive relationships in over 15 timber producing countries .

We understand the forest governance and legal frameworks you need to comply with in countries of origin.

We have over 25 years of experience in species and landscape conservation for integrating "ForestBased Solutions" into effective business strategies and market based conservation programming. 

Please contact us for more information.

ForestBased - 202-621-0338

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