What is the process?

We provide a systems based approach 

to engage at all levels of the supplychain. Our systems address key Lacey Act and EUTR compliance issues.

ForestBased Solutions, LLC is digitizing the forest product supply chain. Digital platforms modules for timber tracking are now a key aspect of our services. 

ForestBased provides forest product due diligence services, risk assessment and comprehensive approaches to resource and supply chain management. Our work translates into best practices for sustainable use of forest resources, return on investment and competitive advantage from proactive supply chain engagement. We realize the full value of commercializing legal forest assets through sustainable forest management.

We specialize in:
Navigating US Lacey Act, EUTR and Australian Regulatory compliance
Forest Product Sourcing
Forest Product Tracking and Due Diligence Systems
CITES Species Evaluations.

We have developed an innovative forest product partnership Forest-Source. This program provides comprehensive forest product compliance and verification tools through mobile platforms and global due diligence expertise. We digitize the complete supply chain from tree to finished products.

We have over 25 years of experience in species specific high-end forest products from musical instruments, flooring, furniture, decking and fiber content. We offer testing services as a compliment to our unparalleled knowledge of developing traceability, forest management and wood identification of species from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South and Central America and North America.

Please contact us for more information.

ForestBased Solutions. is a Limited Liability Corporation

ForestBased Solutions

Creating Certainty in the Market Place

Forest Legality

Solutions for Certainty 


What about small businesses?

We make due diligence scalable and affordable for small businesses.

Why ForestBased Solutions?

We go the source to develop practical solutions for assessing risk and completing due diligence by providing professional technical services through our signature programs Forest-Source    and our Forest-Based Systems Strategies.

Our systems provide a tangible return on investment through creating solutions for certainty in our customers supply chain and market place.

Please visit www.forest-source.com for further information on programs of ForestBased Solutions.

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